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Lab Grown Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

Lab grown and natural diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical, so both are equally beautiful and can shine forever. Here are three major differences.

1. The environment in which they are created
It is the environment in which the diamond is created that makes the main difference. Lab grown diamonds, as the name implies, are created by scientists in a lab spending two to eight weeks in an environment that mimics the conditions in which natural diamonds grow. Natural diamonds, on the other hand, are created by nature over time, some taking months, others hundreds of millions of years. The difference is whether they were created by human hands or by nature, but chemically they are both the same. Therefore, lab diamonds are real diamonds, not imitations. The same 4C standards are used for lab grown and natural diamond evaluation.

2. Price
Second, there is a difference in price. Lab grown diamonds are 30% to 50% less expensive than those of natural diamonds, making it possible to purchase the larger carat stones that you have dreamed of at a more affordable price. In addition, because they are grown in a highly technical and controlled environment in the lab, higher quality stones are now available at more reasonable prices. Fancy colors, which are very rare and expensive in natural diamonds, are also available in lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are attracting worldwide attention for their affordability and luxurious brilliance.

3. Ethical
Mining is necessary to obtain natural diamonds. There is a possibility of poor working conditions, local pollution, and health hazards, and it cannot be said that human rights and the environment are being protected. Although the Kimberley Process certification has significantly reduced the number of conflict diamonds on the market, this does not take into account environmental or human rights considerations.

Lab grown diamonds are more ethical as they do not need to be mined and are traceable, and therefore do not suffer from the same sourcing problems as natural diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds that are composed of carbon, just like natural diamonds, and retain the same properties in terms of refractive index, hardness, and durability. Since they are created in a lab and do not require mining, lab grown diamonds are a more ethical and environmentally conscious choice. In addition, they are significantly less expensive than natural diamonds. Let lab grown diamonds make your dream jewelry a reality.