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Our commitment to sustainable jewelry

100% Recycled Precious Matals

Today, the possibility of civil wars, human rights abuses, and environmental destruction caused by gold mining cannot be ignored.

Therefore, we use 100% recycled precious metals (platinum, gold, and silver) in all of our jewelry to reduce the negative effects of gold mining on people and the planet. One of the wonderful characteristics of precious metals is that they can be recycled over and over again without losing their quality. We believe it is our mission to conserve limited resources.

As part of our efforts to protect the environment, MIYAMA is committed to reducing the demand for new mining operations.

Problems caused by new gold mining

One ring of gold requires approximately 20 tons of ore to produce, making gold mining one of the most environmentally hazardous operations.

Inhumane labor

Environment Pollution

Community Destruction


MIYAMA uses 100% recycled precious metals, including recycled gold, platinum, and silver, with the goal of reducing the demand for new gold mining. Metals have the unique property that they can be recycled over and over again without losing their excellent quality. Recycled precious metals are therefore a more environmentally friendly option.

Conflict Free Lab Grown Diamond

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds created in laboratories that are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds.

MIYAMA offers only the highest quality lab-grown diamonds, including fancy-colored stones, which are extremely rare and expensive in natural diamonds.

Some lab-grown diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity issued by a third-party institution based on the GIA standards to ensure that the stone you purchase is clear and has exceptional brilliance.

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Conflict Free Moissanite

Moissanite appeals to those seeking sustainable alternatives that are respectful of the environment and human rights. With no mining required, moissanite is an ethical stone that has no connection to child labor, poor working conditions, or conflict issues.

What is remarkable is its brilliance; with 2.4 times the luminosity of a diamond, the gemstone is attracting the world's attention.

The reasonable price makes it possible to choose the ideal stone without sacrificing brilliance, carat weight, clarity, etc., which is another reason for its popularity.