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Let's talk about Moissanite!

Jewelry lovers often choose beautiful moissanite pieces, even if they already own diamonds!

What are the reasons?

First, it is important to note that not all moissanite is created equal. Be especially aware that moissanite, which is significantly cheaper, is often of lower quality as well. As an ethical and luxurious stone, moissanite offers you the finest jewelry.

Discover how MIYAMA crafts the highest quality Moissanite jewelry that will captivate you for decades to come.


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Are you looking for jewelry that you can wear comfortably every day without compromising conscience and quality? We thought so. The Moissanite collection is all about comfort and design. We offer you ultra-luxurious glamour.

We meticulously select Moissanite for its exceptional beauty and uncompromising quality.

Moissanite sparkles 1.4 times brighter than diamonds. Its clarity and cut promise to captivate everyone who sees it.

Moissanite, one of the hardest gemstones, maintains its stunning brilliance even with daily wear and tear. With proper care, it can last a lifetime, becoming a cherished heirloom for generations.

Moissanite comes with different clarity and color levels. At MIYAMA, we ensure our customers own only the best stones with the highest clarity and colorlessness guaranteed.

Moissanite does not cloud over and does not lose its beautiful brilliance.
Carefully selected one by one, moissanite is crystal clear and attracts eyes with every movement of the hand.

We create beautiful, ethically conscious jewelry using 100% recycled metals like 14K and 18K gold, platinum, and silver. Our Moissanite is set with care, ensuring quality without compromise.

Brilliance with Purpose: Ethically Crafted Jewelry for You

At MIYAMA, we're all about letting your brilliance shine. We tailor our jewelry to your style, budget, and desires, always keeping quality and ethics in mind. We handpick the finest stones to match your needs. While other brands might offer subpar stones, we guarantee top-tier quality. Our jewelry is crafted using high-quality, 100% recycled precious metals and Moissanite that meets our rigorous standards.

Discover a Better Way to Shop

Embrace environmentally and ethically friendly jewelry. With increasing awareness of the diamond industry's issues, the demand for jewelry made from man-made stones like Moissanite and recycled precious metals is growing, aiming to protect our planet.

It's a shared responsibility between creators and buyers. We must value our finite resources. Enjoy stunning jewelry that upholds both quality and conscience, avoiding mining and offered at reasonable prices.

Experience the brilliance of beautiful Moissanite with us.