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Serena - 6 Claw Round Solitaire Ring

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Material: 18K White Gold

Carat: 1

How to measure your ring size 

What you need:

  • String, paper tape, or other non-stretchable material
  • Pen or something that can be used to make marks
  • Ruler or something that can measure in millimeters
  • Cellophane tape (not required)

The size of a ring is determined by the inner diameter (circumference) of the ring.

Note:Wrap your paper tape around the thickest part of the finger (around the second joint) where the ring will be worn. Wrap it around just enough so that it is not too tight or too loose.


STEP1: Place cellophane tape on the paper.


STEP2: Put on a finger.


STEP3: Wrap the paper around your finger.


STEP4: Mark the overlapping area with a pen.


STEP5: Measure the length between the two marked points with a ruler. The number closest to the inner circumference in the ring size chart below is the ring size for that finger.

All MIYAMA rings are specified in standard US sizes. For finger circumference and ring sizes for other countries, please see the conversion chart.

in (Inside Circumference) mm(Inside Circumference) US, Canada Japan, China, Turkey, India Australia, NewZealand, Ireland
1.74 44 3 4 F
1.77 44.8 3.25 / F 1/2
1.79 45.2 3.5 5 G
1.82 46.1 3.75 6 G 1/2
1.84 46.5 4 7 H
1.87 47.4 4.25 / H 1/2
1.89 47.8 4.5 8 I
1.92 48.7 4.75 / J
1.94 49 5 9 J 1/2
1.97 50 5.25 / K
1.99 50.6 5.5 10 K 1/2
2.02 50.3 5.75 11 L
2.04 51.5 6 12 L 1/2
2.07 52.5 6.25 /
2.09 52.8 6.5 13 M 1/2
2.12 53.8 6.75 / N
2.14 54 7 14 N 1/2
2.17 55.1 7.25 / O
2.19 55.3 7.5 15 O 1/2
2.22 56.3 7.75 / Q
2.24 56.6 8 16 Q 1/2
2.27 57.6 8.25 / R
2.29 58.3 8.5 17 R 1/2
2.32 58.3 8.75 / S
2.34 58.3 9 18 S 1/2
2.37 58.3 9.25 /
2.39 58.3 9.5 19 T 1/2
2.42 58.3 9.75 / U


*The best time to measure your finger size is at the end of the day.
*Take your ring size at your normal body temperature. Fingers change size slightly with temperature.

Size: 4


Captivate with our 6 Claw Round Solitaire Ring. A modern spin on the classic solitaire design, featuring a dazzling round brilliant cut stone cradled by 6 distinctive eagle-tipped claws. Timeless beauty, redefined.


Material: Available in 18K White Gold or Platinum950.

Stone: Moissanite

Carat: 1

*Model wears 1 carat stone

Item #: 123713:124:P

  • The ring sizes listed in the online store are based on the U.S. standard. Please refer to this page when selecting your size.
  • Please allow 2-5 weeks for delivery as we will start making the item after confirming your payment.
  • Some items, such as full eternity rings, cannot be resized due to the nature of their design.
  • We can also provide ring sizes that are not listed on our website, free of charge. Please feel free to contact us.

The MIYAMA Difference

At MIYAMA, environmental consciousness and fair trade values guide our solitary journey, run by a dedicated founder and mother. Committed to socially responsible practices, we strive to make a positive impact by championing ethical suppliers and embracing fair trade principles in every aspect of our jewelry creation.


  • Certified Recycled Precious Metals
  • Ethical Moissanite
  • Selected stones with only DEF (colorless) in diamond grading

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At MIYAMA, we're dedicated to providing you with superior metals, ensuring the highest standards in every piece. Our metals are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Lafayette, Louisiana, offering:

Rely on the expertise of our seasoned team and cutting-edge facility, ensuring the production of metals with unmatched consistency and reliability.

100% SCS-Certified Recycled:
Embrace sustainability with our commitment to SCS-Certified 100% recycled gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Our meticulous standards guarantee metal purity, precise sizing, and an impeccable surface finish, delivering an unmatched level of quality in every creation.

Included With Your Order

  • Your jewelry
  • MIYAMA Jewelry jewelry box
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Jewelry cleaning cloth


Discovering your ring size is easy! Visit our guide at Ring Size Measurement Guide for quick and simple steps that take less than 5 minutes.

Absolutely! We accept returns and exchanges for unused goods within 2 weeks of receipt. For more details, please visit our Returns and Cancellations page.

Certainly! If your MIYAMA ring doesn't fit perfectly, we offer one complimentary resizing within the first six months of purchase. Explore our resizing options for more details.

Absolutely! If you can't find your size on our website, we're happy to create a custom-sized ring just for you, and there's no extra cost involved. Simply reach out to us, and we'll ensure you get the perfect fit. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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