Grand Opening Celebration! Receive Lab-grown Diamond Studs with purchases over $1,000. A $315 Value.

Our Story

MIYAMA was founded in 2023 by Sakura Summer (maiden name: Hashimoto). When she found out that her current husband had given her a 0.8-carat natural diamond engagement ring that cost about 17,00 U.S.D., she was shocked at its excessive price. Then, after learning about the extraordinarily high price of natural diamonds and the problems that lie behind their sourcing, she began to think about the true value of gemstones.

She is also a mother of one, and lost her diamond wedding ring in the course of her daily chores. At the time, she felt bad about losing her high-priced ring and was unable to tell her husband for three months. She wished she had a more low-priced, easily wearable, and beautiful piece of jewelry. Then, in Arizona, where moissanite originated, she had a miraculous chance to meet moissanite and was captivated by its ethicality, amazing brilliance, and attractive price.

MMIYAMA was thus born out of a desire to allow more people to enjoy beautiful jewelry without compromising on quality and conscience at a reasonable price.

Specialist in lab-grown stones

As a Japanese company founded by a Japanese woman, MIYAMA is committed to bringing ethical and beautiful jewelry to you. Specializing only in lab-grown diamonds and moissanite, we are dedicated to offering you the highest quality and brilliance with no compromise in quality or conscience.

MIYAMA uses 100% recycled precious metals (gold, platinum, silver) in all its jewelry to reduce the demand for mining. The same can be said for the reason why we only deal in lab-grown diamonds and moissanite. It is a more ethical and sustainable choice.
Plus, they are more affordable than mined, natural diamonds, so we believe more people can enjoy them on a daily basis.

We wish you to have the exciting time through the jewelry you have been dreaming of.