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Founded in 2023 by a Japanese woman and mother of one, MIYAMA was established with the vision of creating meticulously beautiful jewelry using exclusively moissanite. This vision stemmed from a profound realization about the exorbitant price of natural diamonds, sparking a quest for the true value of gemstones. The founder's personal journey began after losing her diamond wedding ring, prompting a desire for an affordable, easily wearable, and beautiful alternative.

Discovering moissanite in Arizona, she was enchanted by its ethical nature, brilliant sparkle, and attractive price. This discovery fueled her vision, and MIYAMA emerged as more than a brand; it became a commitment to providing exquisite jewelry without compromise, making elegance accessible to all. In an industry surprisingly dominated by men, MIYAMA stands as the place where the normally excluded aspire to become the top 1%.

Specializing in Moissanite Jewelry

MIYAMA, founded by a Japanese woman, is dedicated to bringing you ethical and stunning moissanite jewelry. Specializing exclusively in moissanite, we prioritize superior quality and brilliance without compromising on ethics. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of 100% recycled precious metals (gold, platinum, silver) across all our jewelry, reducing the demand for mining. MIYAMA envisions making beautiful jewelry a daily joy, allowing you to express yourself with the pieces you've always dreamed of.

Shine Beyond

Empowering Confidence Through Sustainable Glamour

Elevating confidence with sustainable glamour, Miyama aims to empower individuals to shine beyond, creating a world where beauty aligns with ethical values.

A Letter from MIYAMA's Founder, Sakura

Dear MIYAMA Community,

Kon'nichiwa! 🌸 As the founder of MIYAMA and a fellow mom to an adorable one-year-old, I wanted to share a piece of my story with you. Living in the U.S., I've come to appreciate the beauty of diversity, culture, and the incredible journey of motherhood.

MIYAMA was born out of my desire to create jewelry that not only captures the ethereal beauty of moissanite but also aligns with my values of sustainability and ethical practices. My little one has inspired me to build a brand that stands for empowerment, allowing you to feel not just adorned but truly beautiful.

In the hustle of daily life, I believe every woman deserves to feel empowered, thrive, and succeed. MIYAMA is more than just jewelry; it's an expression of confidence, elegance, and the unstoppable force within you. May each piece bring joy and a sense of accomplishment as you navigate life's adventures.

Wishing you all the brilliance and beauty you deserve.

With love and sparkle,
Sakura, Founder of MIYAMA 🌸✨