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Committed to Quality

Because everyone deserves to sparkle.

Moissanite Stringent Quality Standards

While there's no universal grading system for moissanite, MIYAMA upholds rigorous selection criteria. We meticulously choose moissanites that meet our high standards for colorlessness (DEF) and eye cleanliness, aligning with diamond standards to ensure exceptional quality.

Precious metals

MIYAMA exclusively employs 14K, 18K, and 950 platinum as the base metals for its jewelry. These precious metals not only complement the brilliance of our moissanite stones but also contribute to the overall durability of our pieces. Additionally, we present a separate silver collection, perfect for casual wear.

100% Recycled Precious Metals for a Sustainable Future

At MIYAMA, we embrace the harmony of luxury and sustainability. Our commitment extends to using 100% recycled precious metals in our jewelry, including gold, silver, and platinum. These metals maintain their properties through repeated recycling, allowing us to minimize our environmental footprint and endorse sustainable mining practices. Beyond sustainability, our use of recycled precious metals is rooted in ethics, helping to diminish the demand for newly mined metals and, consequently, reducing environmental harm and human rights abuses.

100% recycled precious metals

At MIYAMA, we take pride in presenting our customers with a stunning collection of jewelry crafted from 100% recycled precious metals. By choosing MIYAMA, you align with a brand dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices, making your purchase a conscious and stylish choice.