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Lifetime Warranty

MIYAMA prides itself on high quality jewelry with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. We believe in providing you with beautiful jewelry that is uncompromising in quality and conscience. We believe that jewelry that is kind to the earth and people can be worn with confidence. For this reason, every piece we make undergoes rigorous quality testing.

We take the utmost care in manufacturing and shipping our products, but in the event that you receive an item that is defective or faulty, please let us know. We will be happy to replace the product.

When returning an item, please be sure to contact MIYAMA prior to delivery of the item. We will process your return.

Exceptions to the Lifetime Warranty
Please note that the Lifetime Warranty does not apply in the following cases.

  • If you use the product incorrectly and cause it to be damaged.
  • If the jewelry setting is scratched or the precious metal is discolored by chemicals such as cleaning agents or bleach, cosmetics, swimming pools, bathing, etc.
  • If you lose your jewelry due to damage or breakage caused by everyday wear and tear
  • If you find a cheaper item somewhere else

Please note that our Lifetime Warranty does not cover any damage to or loss of jewelry caused by scratches, breakage, theft or mishandling of jewelry due to customer usage, nor does it cover any damage to jewelry caused by everyday wear. We appreciate your understanding.

Lifetime Warranty
MIYAMA offers a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all gold and platinum jewelry.

A manufacturing defect is defined as a lack of safety that a product should normally possess. MIYAMA will repair or replace any product found to have a manufacturing defect free of charge. If you return a product due to a manufacturing defect, you can rest assured that we will cover the shipping costs.

To determine if your jewelry is covered by the warranty, please mail your jewelry to us for a free evaluation. If the problem is found to be a manufacturing defect, the shipping costs will be fully refunded and repairs will be made free of charge. However, if the problem is found not to be a manufacturing defect, the shipping costs will not be refunded.

Warranty Coverage
Examples of manufacturing defects that are covered by the Lifetime Warranty include

  • Scratches in the metal that were already there when you received your merchandise
  • Chips or scratches on stones that were already present when you received your merchandise
  • Inadequate stone setting that was present upon receipt of the merchandise

Care of your jewelry
Diamonds and moissanite are considered the hardest gemstones on earth. However, even these gemstones cannot deny the possibility of being scratched or damaged. Not only the strength of the impact applied, but also the angle of impact can cause breakage.

All jewelry, especially rings, can be scratched in daily use. We recommend that rings be removed during sports activities, bathing, bathing, swimming, swimming pools, housework, and other tasks involving the hands in order to preserve the beauty and longevity of the rings. If the center stone becomes cloudy due to oil or grease that you come in contact with on a daily basis, wipe it with the jewelry cleaner provided. You will see the original brilliance of the stone.