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Our commitment to sustainable jewelry

Committed to Ethical Standards

MIYAMA sources all its jewelry from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), an international organization based in London. RJC certification ensures adherence to ethical, social, and environmental standards in every facet of our operations. Upholding human rights and promoting continuous improvement, we prioritize responsible practices in the jewelry supply chain for diamonds, gold, and platinum group metals.

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100% Recycled Precious Matals

At MIYAMA, we acknowledge the potential negative impacts of gold mining, such as civil wars, human rights abuses, and environmental destruction. That's why we exclusively use 100% recycled precious metals, including platinum, gold, and silver, in all our jewelry. Precious metals can be recycled indefinitely without compromising quality, aligning with our mission to conserve limited resources and reduce the demand for new mining operations, contributing to a sustainable future.

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Embracing Eco-Friendly Luxury

MIYAMA utilizes 100% recycled precious metals—gold, platinum, and silver—committing to reducing the demand for new gold mining. Our recycled metals maintain exceptional quality, embodying sustainability as they can be reused without compromise. Opt for environmentally conscious elegance with MIYAMA.

Problems caused by new mining

Producing a single gold ring requires approximately 20 tons of ore, contributing to the significant environmental hazards associated with gold mining.

Inhumane labor

Environment Pollution

Community Destruction

Shine Beyond

Empowering Confidence Through Sustainable Glamour

Our Story

Conflict Free Moissanite

Moissanite offers a sustainable and ethical alternative, free from environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional mining practices. With exceptional brilliance—2.4 times that of a diamond—moissanite captures global attention. Its reasonable price allows for the selection of an ideal stone without compromising on brilliance, carat weight, or clarity, further contributing to its popularity.