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Moissanite has become quite popular lately, but it's been around for a while. It was first discovered back in 1893 by a guy named Moissan, who found it in a crater made by a meteor! Natural moissanite is super rare because it's only found in a few places. That's why most of the moissanite you see is made in labs.

We often talk about our gems being conflict-free, eco-friendly, and totally sustainable. That's because they're made in labs, not mined from the earth. This means we're not hurting the planet or anyone living on it when we make our gems, and that's really important to us.

How does it stack up against a diamond? MIYAMA Moissanites, like other top-notch moissanites, are made from silicon carbide with a specific crystalline structure. This makes them chemically distinct from diamonds, but they look so similar that they've become a popular choice for engagement rings recently.

People often compare moissanites to diamonds because diamonds have long been the top choice for engagement rings and heirloom pieces, thanks to their exceptional durability. Diamonds rank as a 10 on the Mohs scale, making them the hardest gemstone. Moissanites come in second at 9.25, meaning you can wear them every day without worry. When it comes to reflecting light, moissanites outshine diamonds in two ways. They have greater brilliance (2.65 compared to 2.42 for diamonds), resulting in brilliant white flashes of light, and more fire (0.104 compared to 0.044 for diamonds), producing colorful rainbow flashes of light.

Another area of comparison between moissanites and diamonds is their price. Moissanites offer a way to get the ring you've always wanted without breaking the bank! For instance, for the same carat weight, a diamond can cost you 15 to 25 times more than an equivalent-sized moissanite.

Here's one final note about our gemstones: Our stones come in complete colorlessness (DEF range), ensuring top-notch quality.

One of our standout services is crafting custom moissanites and fine jewelry. If you don't see the exact size or cut you're looking for, simply reach out to us, and we'll create it for you! And if your size isn't listed, no worries! Whether it's a custom ring or another piece of jewelry, just contact us to get started, and we'll take care of the rest.

Please note that since all our stones are made to order, your order will typically take 3-4 weeks to arrive. For custom jewelry, our goal is to complete it within 6-8 weeks. However, please be aware that timeframes may extend during peak seasons or due to other circumstances.

At MIYAMA, we create high-quality jewelry with attention to detail and conscience. Each piece undergoes rigorous testing. If you receive a defective item, we'll replace it. Our Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing defects on gold and platinum jewelry. However, it doesn't apply if the item is misused or damaged through everyday wear and tear. We recommend removing rings during activities to preserve their beauty.

Our Returns and Exchanges Policy allows for returns and exchanges within 2 weeks of receiving your order, but only for unused items. Simply contact us within this timeframe to initiate the process. Please note that shipping charges are your responsibility, except in cases where the received product differs from what was ordered, in which case we cover the return shipping costs. Thank you for your understanding!

Moissanite passes as a diamond when using a diamond tester that detects thermal conductivity. This is because, unlike other gemstones such as cubic zirconia, it has a high thermal conductivity. Such moissanite (silicon carbide) is similar to diamond in appearance and characteristics, but it is composed of a different substance than diamond (carbon). Moissanite, which is extremely durable, brilliant, lustrous, and heat resistant, has gained popularity among people due to its attractiveness as a gemstone.

Moissanite does not lose its sparkle and continues to shine as the months go by. The clarity and color of the stone will not change over time, but as with any gemstone, stains on the stone's surface can inhibit its brilliance. However, moissanite is resistant to oil, making it less prone to fogging and easier to clean